Replicate your pathetic little teenie-weenie for the world to laugh at!
EMP002 - Make your own vibrating dildo kit - $109.00 
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Make a replica of your pathetic micro-cock to send your Mistress to decorate Her mantle!  Give it as a gift to symbolize what you  already know.  She owns your pathetic cock and balls!

Mold a realistic copy of your teenie weenie-- a laughable lifesized dildo shaped just like your insignificant pee-shooter!!  Fuck your ass with it..and see exactly why your wifey takes Her sexual frustrations out on Haggendaaz.  Give it as a gift to the girl of your dreams just to hear her say, "do you still have the receipt?  This one's broken!"

Watch the Ladies laugh at your minature rubber "mini-me." 

Suck your own cock!  Not like you wouldn't if you could reach it.  The possibilities are endless.  A true gag-gift that nobody could gag on.

Description: Using the bodydouble complete vibrating dildo kit you can safely, quickly and easily make a perfect, realistic, life-size rubber copy of any penis and balls in intricate detail.  Even your tiny tinker toy!  Every kit comes with simple, easy to follow instructions, a bucket to mix the compound in, a cylinder to make the replica in and top quality rubber compound to make the perfect replica of your penis and scrotum. 
Product Category: Realistic Cocks realperson-mold
Product is made of: rubber

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