My awkward hair phases...
These two are really old pics.  Thank GODDESS My hair grew out!

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Look And you thought MY hair was big now!  (This one is more recent than the 2 up top.  Maybe 3 -4 years old.)
Some things never change..MY trusty mansquash boots.

Or how about this picture?  The very first picture to have been seen on My first personal homepage,
"Mistress Sierra's Memoirs."

Remember that cheesy one-page old ProDom site I use to have years ago?  It had a link to MY personal memoirs page,which to this day reads the same almost word for word  as it did when I first wrote it many years ago.   This page is still part of BitchyBeauty.com and is now known as My Memoirs page today.  That essay  which first started out a completely personal non-commercial journal, was written even before I had the idea of making a donations page and starting up My entire "gratuitous bankruptcy" discourse and training..  "men, they're like Mac Machines with nads."   From this page My grand scheme was conceived, financial Domination in the BDSM world was born. you guys have watched through the years as MY QueenDom (incidentally this was the name of My first Domain) has expanded, My reign of terror has spread, MY following has multiplied, MY glory has magnified, and My Greatness has aggrandized.   How many times have we seen that one little page, plagiarized, copied, regurgitated, rehashed, echoed in a thousand moneydomme geocity web sites, keen home pages, aol and yahoo profiles? When My first financial domination writings came out, it was unheard of and shocking.  No FemDom had ever verbalized this sort of fetish and lifestyle.  Now  GO to Keen and do a search for Mistress.  90% of them are all strictly about financial slavery. Imagine how many hundreds and thousands of men have been drained of hundreds and thousands of dollars by PRINCESS SIERRA's Wisdom indirectly?  It's an uncanny thought isn't it?

Here's a post made in Max Fisch almost 2 years ago that puts it in perspective.  As he predicted there are now hundreds (maybe thousands) doing what PRINCESS SIERRA first pioneered.  In short, MY WORD will have screwed over MASSES of men, damaged thousands and thousands of males' fragile masculine spirits, emptied the pockets of scores of losers, implanted the fetish into the malleable minds of thousands of horny men, sent them crawling into direction that I traffic through MY inspiring verbiage and cunning cruel mind.

          skidmark was the slave who bought MY very first computer

Remember the attitude adjustor?

© 2002 Princess Sierra